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Water Care Specialists

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Water Care Specialists, Tomah, WI

Water Care Specialists

Do you ever wonder what is in your water? Does it taste funny? Have an unusual color? Or just bad? Call for a FREE water analysis and recommendation to make your water the best it can be. Maybe it’s a RO Unit, sediment or whole home filter system your needing, we can help with that also. Proudly offering Water Right water care products. Water care can help your hard water be soft, remove iron, nitrates, sulfur and other water problems you may have.

Reasons for a Water Test

  • Real Estate Transfer/Refinance
  • Testing for Bacteria, Nitrates,
  • Arsenic, and Lead as well as other metals and containment
  • Daycare Certifications
  • Peace of Mind
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To learn more about Don’s Plumbing and Appliance Showroom and water care, please contact us  at 608-372-4219 or stop at 1003 E. Clifton St. in Tomah, WI today.

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